Private Sessions
with Johanna Harmala

Awakened Connection

Learn to deepen your relationship with light and energy in your life and to live from a place of expansion, authenticity, aliveness and connection.


Private Healing Session

A safe and confidential space to work through any issues or blockages you may have while gaining more clarity, love and passion in your life. It is a loving space where we create a deeper connection with light, energy and Universal Intelligence.

In transformative healing sessions we focus on unraveling and unlocking the blockages from our molecular structure that have been established over a long time and are often embedded in the cellular level of our bodies. It takes courage to face and take full responsibility for ALL your own feelings and creations without blame AND often make drastic changes in your life to be more in alignment with your true  essence and life itself.

In the session the facilitator has no plan or agenda. Their job is to fully be in the moment, to be out of their own way and let a powerful energy come through and work its magic. This is spiritual energy – it can be called Universal intelligence and it is pure love. As we ask for healing, this energy has its own Intelligence to go after what we are ready to transform.

Cost: $60 for a 1 h 15 min session

Please note we have also Group Sessions on alternate Thursdays, 10am – 12pm. Ask if one happens during your stay.
Cost: $12

Johanna Harmala is a certified Transforming Cellular Healing facilitator. She experienced a deep purification process with her teacher for the past 20 years, Don Hanson, and has traveled to many workshops globally, continuously learning. Johanna has committed her life to the teachings of Universal energy, and has worked with people from all walks of life, including yoga teachers and other leading light workers. Additionally, Johanna is a certified Yoga teacher, Occupational therapist, Reiki master, Dance & Movement Instructor and a YOQI Qigong Flow Associate Instructor.


Private yoga class

On request private classes can be available

Cost $25 (1-2 persons) for a 1 hour class



Let go of stress and find deeper relaxation. We can organize a massage at Living Forest. A massage therapist can come to us as long as there are two persons for a treatment.