What People are Saying

Nestled by a river and jungle, Living Forest is one of the most grounding and rejuvenating places-mother na-ture abounds…i love the yoga classes taught by Johanna and the other myriad of workshops that she contin-ues to offer. Truly a wonderful experience!”

Ginny Lamont

I have attended Living Forest’s yoga class for over a year and it has been a complete pleasure. The setting is quite spectacular nestled in the mountains next to a rushing creek and surrounded by local wildlife. From toucans to howler monkeys they remind you that this is a very special place indeed. 

Johanna is such a great teacher. As I was a complete novice she took extra time with me and encouraged me along the way. Her routines are always different and challenging with a healthy dose of laughter . What is most memorable is the sense of peace and calm after a session. 

If you only go once you will never forget this experience.”

Ron Veltman

Just Being at Living Forest brings me totally in tune with feeling a heightened awareness of what it is to be alive and at one with Nature. Hidden in a lush green rainforest jungle, surrounded by the sounds of a rushing river, tropical birds calls (and colors!) plus families of monkeys occasionally traveling through, Living Forest is absolutely one of the most magical places I’ve been, and I’ve been to a lot of magical places!

Johanna makes it all come true with her Joyousness, laughter, and Love. She is a dazzling Lightning Bug of the uni-verse and following her path brings a great sense of peace and joy. That’s why I am devoted to her yoga class, where I can experience not only the practice but her divine presence as well. She effortlessly extends a sense of warmth, well-being, and did I mention, joy? it just overflows, like the riverbank after a hard rain. Multi-talented, she embraces many ways to create connection, through dance, music, art, yoga, and her abilities as an accomplished practitioner of such healing arts as cellular memory release. Obviously, I can’t say enough! I have received great healing under her guidance and my life has been deeply enriched by her presence.”

Annie Welch

My new favorite place! I have seen the prettiest places in Hawaii, but I’ve found my new favorite place at Living Forest at Lake Are-nal! No big deal: I told my boys when I got back home “Get your passports — we’re going to Costa Rica in-stead!

Beautifully splayed out like a buffet for the gods — the accommodations, the porch, the river, the trees — it patiently awaits to be soaked up. Johanna & staff are super-human at serving the best food to which I’ve now rearranged my daily diet! I can-not thank Johanna enough for making a place like this! Moreover, I cannot wait to go back.”

Angela Clark

I felt very relaxed and at home while staying at Living Forest. The house is enveloped by a beautiful, lush jungle and the animal and water sounds are truly intoxicating. Everything from the hanging hammocks to the beautiful wood furniture provided warmth and comfort. The surrounding landscape of Living Forest is a harmonious combination of green hills, the impressive Lake Arenal and bright blue skies. I felt fully supported by Nature and happy during my stay. I’d love to come back soon!”

Veronica Ferre

Located in paradise!

Conveniently located in paradise, Living Forest sits in the heart of Lake Arenal’s lush rolling hills and tropical splendor. A river flows between the property and the jungle wall behind it, from which emanates a chorus of birdsong in the morning, and the exotic sounds of howler monkeys in the evening.

This is a peaceful, enchanting place perfect for relaxation, for contemplation, and for exploration of the area’s natural beauty, the sight of the lake and the nearby volcano turning every walk, and every leisurely drive through the region, into a heart-lifting experience. Zip-lining nearby was an exhilarating experience, flying over beautiful jungle canopies, with attentive, experienced instructors guiding us each step of the way. The hilliness of the area makes it the best part of Costa Rica to go zip-lining in – some of the lines are quite long, so you actually have enough time to look around at the amazing land you speeding through joyfully and effortlessly. I actually felt like I was flying; and after that, took advantage of hot springs, water slides and pools. Studies have shown that Costa Ricans are among the happiest people on earth; staying at Living Forest, you’ll soon know why.”

Stefan Wenger