The fully covered Yoga deck and event space in the main lodge opens up to the jungle and river and is surrounded by beautiful mother nature. There is no need to put nature music – the jungle has an abundant supply! You are welcomed to use the deck and borrow a yoga mat at anytime.


Many guests have commented that there is something special about Living Forest. The river could be part of it. The Sabalo River flows into the Living Forest property, offering a musical backdrop. Fall asleep and awaken to the soothing sounds. Take a dip, enjoy a book, or a nap in the riverside hammock.


We have a beautiful cedar sauna at Living Forest right by the jungle river. In tranquil nature the wood-burning sauna is a peaceful place to relax, to commune with nature, to come out refreshed like a new baby. 🙂

How to use the sauna:

We recommend some time in the sauna (15-20 min at once), having a dip in the river or a shower, some more sauna time, a sit in the veranda with nature. You can easily move like this a few times taking your time, listening to your own body, communing with the nature, allowing blissful relaxation to take place. Please drink plenty of water.

What to wear:

While traditionally people went in nude, swim wear is also fine. Do what feels comfortable for you.

Sauna is like a sanctuary. Not a party place, more like a cleansing ritual. Although it is nice to have conversations, it is also recommended to take time to be quiet to really relax, and let go of the stresses of life.


Please consult your doctor before use, if you have any health issues; you are responsible for your self. The sauna detoxifies the body, for maximum health benefits alcohol is not allowed. Thanks for understanding.

Reservation and costs:

A sauna session can last up to two hours, latest usage is 3.30-5.30 pm. Ask us for availability and book your sauna at least one day or more in advance. Cost is 15,000 colones for 1-2 people and 20,000 colones for groups.